What Our Clients Are Saying

I love working out with Michelle and our morning group! I feel it is way more fun to work out with others and even outdoors if weather permits! Michelle is very skilled at modifying for injuries and ramping it up for those who can and need a challenge! She is one of the kindest and considerate trainers. She always has my best interests at heart and genuinely wants to see her clients succeed! I would recommend this form of group fitness or personal training to anyone looking to get in shape, stay in shape, learn great nutritional knowledge or just have some good fun! Thanks for all you do Michelle!

Shannon Hall

I have been training in a group setting with Michelle for over 4 years now and I always leave the session with a smile on my face.
She is always very encouraging and fun and is great with modifying a particular exercise if anyone has an injury.
I actually look forward to exercising on Monday mornings, which I didn’t think was possible!
I would highly recommend training at Take 2!

Wendy Wallbridge

I highly recommend Take 2 Personal Training. Michelle is an excellent instructor, motivator and coach and offers a variety of program options to meet your personal training goals. She is very knowledgeable and has a long and evolving list of exercises to draw upon to build and adjust your customized program. I really enjoy my training days with Michelle (even those “butt kick” circuits). Michelle has the tools and knowledge to meet whatever training goals I set for myself and I’m sure you would find the same.

Mike Harvey

My name is Kathy Nikolaisen. I met Michelle 9 years ago at Panorama Rec where she was teaching a class I had signed up for. I had just finished chemo for breast cancer & I was anxious to get back to the land of the living.
The last 9 years have been an up and down with working out & injuries. The last one being a severe shoulder injury, that sidelined me for 2 years. I had been thinking about getting back to working out, but I had also decided that I was NEVER buying another diet book again. I think I have been on every diet there is out there, and nothing worked.

Along came a post on my face book page, & upon reading it I knew I had to join Michelle Bourgeois with Take 2 Personal Training & Nutrition Coaching. So, I signed up for her workout 4 days per week, & also the Nutritional program. Michelle told me “this is unlike any other diet out there” and she was right.

I have to admit, it frustrated me in the beginning, because I like to jump in with both feet…..but usually fail within the first couple of days. But this program is very different. It works on changing the way you think about food.
Michelle is an amazing trainer and she is just as concerned that I don’t hurt myself as I am. She takes the time to make sure that everyone is comfortable with the workout and will modify anything that is putting a strain on my shoulders. Plus, we have a lot of fun.

I don’t think you could make a better choice, in trainer or nutritional program.
Michelle, I am so grateful that you came into my life 9 years ago, & I can hardly wait to see what I can accomplish with you 🙂

Kathy Nikolaisen

My name is Dawn Nedzelski; I work full time and have significant family commitments. These were my excuses for not taking time for me, for many years, until I met Michelle (Take 2 personal training).

Michelle’s non-judgmental and kind approach along with individual attention (even in group classes) has prevented injury and allowed me to slowly change my habits. Over the years I looked and paid for a quick fix which has been detrimental to my health, weight and self-confidence. Recently we added Nutrition Coaching to my regime.

I believe this program has provided the support and learning I have been looking for. I thought I knew everything about weight loss but this approach did not expect weight loss, instead changed one small habit at a time. Michelle, you are an amazing coach. Thank you for believing in me when I did not believe in myself. I look forward to your continued guidance.

Dawn Nedzelski

I love training with Michelle because she is extremely knowledgeable, conscientious, and her hilarious sense of humour keeps me smiling and laughing throughout my “power hour”, even when sweat is dripping off my nose! I have trained with Michelle now for three years and she always keeps my workouts fresh, fun, and scientifically safe and sound. Encouraging, motivating, and realistic, I look forward to seeing Michelle every week!

Kathryn Hodgson

I absolutely love my time with Michelle and Take 2. I have participated in the group classes, the individual one on one training and the nutritional consulting. Michelle has a way of making you feel so inspired and always encouraged to do your best. Michelle knows your every injury or problem area and works with it – almost like individual training within a group! The other participants in her programs that I have done have become fast friends – Michelle’s zest for life and fitness is contagious. I highly recommend her!

Janis Jean

Love Michelle have been a client for approx. 3 years now and we have a wonderful group of ladies in the classes. Michelle is always available to listen to my needs and has been and still is a fantastic trainer could not ask for better.

Dianne Doyle

Michelle is hard working, dedicated and is always learning so she can pass on her knowledge to her clients. She makes workouts fun and Interesting so even though we are working hard there is always lots of laughter. She creates an environment that is supportive and safe and you never feel like an outsider. She is always checking in with her clients to see how we are feeling at the beginning of class… what hurts this week? Any concerns? I really appreciate that she offers multiple options for each set so you can always participate safely!
Michelle rocks!!!!

Mary Ellen Schwagly

When I turned 90, my daughter Leslie suggested that maybe I should start getting a bit more physical exercise. I agreed and Leslie found Michelle. Best decision I ever made.

We made arrangements for me to go to her place every Wednesday morning for 1-hour training. This arrangement has been very successful and I have been going now for 4 years and have enjoyed every minute. In addition to the 1 hour Michelle has developed three routines that I do at home interspersed with a 30-60-minute walk on my treadmill on alternate days. The hour I spend at Michelle’s is well organized and strenuous but not excessive.

The results:

I enjoy the sessions.

I feel healthier and stronger.

My medications have been reduced and my use of Insulin has been reduced from 42 units to 28 units.

We now have a special arrangement that I will live to be 100 so she can see my letter from the Queen and then she can retire. Thank you Michelle!

Russ Redman – 94 years’ young

We have been ‘working’ with Michelle for nearly 10 years now, but ‘work’ is not really accurate. Michelle’s philosophy is that fitness should be fun, and every session, whether semi-private or in one of her groups reflects this. Michelle has an impressive knowledge of sports nutrition and the science of fitness and health and applies this to each of her clients on an individual basis. Michelle’s attitude, sense of humor and most of all concern and dedication to her client’s improvement and wellbeing has motivated us and helped us achieve far more in terms of fitness, health and nutrition than we ever expected. Thanks Michelle!

Cindy and Jim Robertson

In the prior months leading up to Christmas in 2009 I was playing a lot of hockey and I was struggling to keep up and it was taking me a long time to recuperate. I tipped the scales at 240lbs. Plus. I really hated looking at myself in the mirror carrying that “tyre” or “turtle” around my waist. So for New Year’s I committed to eating properly. I guess you could say it was similar to a weight watchers “plan”. Really watched how much I ate, portion size was the biggest issue I think.

By the summer time in 2011 I was down to 177lbs. I travelled Europe that summer and I walked a lot on that trip. I walked pretty much everywhere and when I got home I was down to 162lbs and that really opened my eyes as to what walking, exercise and proper diet can really do.

January 2013 I had fallen off the wagon a little and I was back up to 175lbs and I figured that was kind of my “natural body weight” because I was trying so hard to get back to where I was but wasn’t getting anywhere with it. Since I had come so far I wanted more and more. Mom and my sister Gillian were doing be Michelle’s “Be Your Best” at Panorama and I figured this was the perfect push I needed to achieve more.

In April 2013 I started working with Michelle at Panorama. I started at 173lbs and 30% percent body fat. Michelle introduced the diet of reduced carbs, a lot of fruit, veggies and protein. By the time I finished Be Your Best in August 2013 I was sitting at 159lbs and 15.5% percent body fat.

In September 2014 I started working with Michelle again. I felt I needed a push, a few tips and tricks on diet and new exercises presented in a calm and relaxed team atmosphere. My final December results for the Fall 14-week challenge showed my hard work and Michelle’s guidance helped me become even stronger and fitter compared to where I was at the start of September

Phil Braithwaite

Take 2 has a friendly, non-competitive, non-judgmental atmosphere.  The hour flies by with lots of laughter and fun exercises.  I always feel better after an hour of training and, when I go twice a week, I start to actually feel like an athlete of sorts – calm, happy, toned and having endurance.

Anne Marie Daniels

I would highly recommend Take2 as a place to not only get fit, but rehabilitate existing injuries. In 2015 I was involved in a car accident that injured my right knee. The result of which effected my entire right leg. Working with Michelle has not only helped me regain full range of motion but has also resulted in an increase of my overall strength. I found each visit to be a positive, learning experience that I can now take with me into any gym. The twenty-five-pound weight loss I achieved was a pleasant surprise as well! I highly recommend Take2 as your next choice for personal training.

Carl Gjendem, Brentwood Bay

Working with Michelle is in one-word: FUN!  Michelle varies the workouts, so you never get bored and get surprised each time, and she is also very encouraging.  This means that if there is something you don’t like you probably won’t do it again for another year.  Michelle also gives alternatives exercises in case people have injuries and generally remembers who needs what modifications.  Working out with a small group is perfect, it’s more interesting than being one on one but you get more attention than a big class.  I met Michelle years ago at a local rec center and really enjoyed her class there but then she left and I couldn’t find her for a while but now I have and I’m never leaving.

Corinne Hardin

I have been a client of Michelle’s since she began her journey as a personal trainer.  Over the years she has gone from training in a community gym to setting up her own fitness studio in her home.  She also has a beautiful backyard for our nicer days on the West Coast.

The following are some of the things that come to mind when I think of Michelle:

  • a passion for fitness and a patient, caring and kind personality.
  • cares about you, listens to your goals and helps make them happen for you
  • has excellent communication skills combined with empathy and compassion
  • possesses deep knowledge of fitness and nutrition
  • innovative and great interpersonal skills
  • supportive
  • makes fitness FUN! 😊

You are all of the above and more, Michelle.

Lynne S

The thought of getting in shape and going to a gym was daunting to me. After seeing an ad for Take 2 Studio I called and had a great chat with Michelle. She listened to my needs and once going through a painless assessment, set a program that was challenging and designed specifically for where I was at in my fitness journey. Having had some neck and back issues, Michelle went the extra mile and chatted with my physiotherapist to ensure the exercises would help strengthen and support my therapy.  I love all the extensive equipment she has to play with inside and out. Even on those days when I feel every muscle I worked the day before, I am so thankful for Michelle because she is positively impacting my health with her support and enthusiasm and getting me to have fun too!

Wanda Lambeth

I just wanted you to know, that what you do makes a true and lasting difference in the life of others. When I first met you I was totally intimidated and overwhelmed by being in a gym. I knew I was out of shape but so afraid of how to engage, overwhelmed by what I had started and that fear of failure kept talking in my head. I look back now and remember you giving me Dumbbells to start my exercise and I had to drop weights but never did I feel that I had failed rather that this was my starting point. Some of the activities we did, I loved, and some like ‘spin classes’ I hated, but it was all part of the journey. I sometimes got discouraged by always feeling that I was the weakest link but you never gave up on me nor the others in the class. Although I haven’t been part of your classes for a year now as I wait knee surgery, I have kept the skills you taught me and continue to go to the gym with some gentle prompting from Philip and I love working with the weights. I just thought I should tell you that you do make a difference.

Wendy B

I joined Michelle’s Take 2 group in early January – it was recommended by two of my yoga class friends – I owe them big time! I decided to sign up for two workouts per week and nutritional coaching every second week and I am so pleased with the results! I saw gains in my strength immediately and it has continued to increase with Michelle’s guidance.

On the nutritional side, I always thought I ate very healthy, but, I have really found out a lot of great information and made some new habits that have made a huge difference. I was “stuck” with my weight loss even though I am pretty active. Michelle patiently taught me about carb, fat and protein percentages that I should aim for (personalized for me) and got me hooked up with a super easy electronic meal tracking app. She taught me to load my meals for the day so that I didn’t find myself out of calories and still hungry. She taught me to make smart choices.

I listened and followed her advice and the weight effortlessly fell off my body and my muscles grew – and I can truthfully say I’m never hungry. I began feeling very healthy and little aches and pains disappeared. The workouts are tough, but, so much fun! Michelle keeps a close eye on us and corrects our form, etc.…. as needed to prevent injuries. She also works around any injuries so that a person can still train. I’m hooked and go to each workout wondering what she has in store for us as there is a great variety! I will continue with this plan to stay healthy and if you want to try something that works on so many levels – come and join us!

Lori Sather

After recently relocating and settling in Sidney, I asked around for a personal trainer with a private gym. I wanted somewhere convenient and not a “pumping iron” operation, as those days are over for me. I am 64 and simply want to improve my health plus enjoy a few more decades of semi retirement.

Michelle and Take 2 were recommended to me by a long-time area resident that seems to know a lot of good people and places in the hood.

The gym itself is well set up, very clean, and nicely maintained. My sessions have been exclusively with Susan Williams as my personal trainer. She’s highly knowledgeable, creative in her workouts, and full of enthusiasm. Sue makes the hour go by with more than just an increased heart rate, body conditioning, and a wet t-shirt…it becomes a fun workout that I look forward to and totally appreciate my two private days a week with her.

Well done Michelle on your operation and thank you Sue.

I certainly recommend Michelle’s Take 2 gym and Susan Williams as a personal trainer.

Bobb Hamilton

Sue is the best Personal trainer I’ve ever had. She pays attention to how you and your body are responding to the program she’s setup for you.

In fact, she creates a program that is both challenging and motivating and gets the results you’re looking for. Her infectious sincere enthusiasm makes hard workouts fun and very worthwhile. Each workout is creative and original and creates a well- rounded balance between strength, cardio and agility.

Eric F

Michelle, Sue and Amanda and Take 2 aren’t like any other *workout* I’ve ever done. The group sessions feel more like play time. The variety of equipment and the different routines the trainers set up make working out fun. I for one know I would never work as hard left to my own devices. Besides the depth of knowledge, Michelle, Sue and Amanda have to keep your training session interesting and fun, there is also a wonderful sense of community that was noticeable on my very first visit. Take2 is a safe and welcoming environment for the experienced athlete or the beginner.

Lee Anne Churchill

Hit 50 and yeah ok, a bit more. Hit at the same time menopause and a desk job. The not so perfect trifecta. Watched my age go north and my fitness go south. Finally googled “personal trainers Sidney” when I realized that leaning over to do up my shoes left me breathless. A few names came up. Michelle’s name came up. Read the testimonials on her website. Knew a few of the writers. Impeccable of speech and reputation. That got my interest. If they vouched for Michelle I was game. But was still a wee bit cautious. I’d had personal trainers in the past that were really not focused on the individual, more on their own glory and who didn’t carry the responsibility of knowing each participant as an individual, and frankly weren’t interested in knowing them. So I wanted to have a test run. And yep felt so totally optimistic, because of the testimonials. Booked Michelle for a private session and was beyond impressed. Her knowledge is staggering. She was able to accommodate my weight and my 50 some years of injuries and tailor each workout, not just for me but when I committed to a class, to each person in those classes. And she is hilarious. The hour passes so quickly, because she connects and interacts and lifts you up and that’s so key. Michelle lifts her participants up with joy, laughter and encouragement. And she’s always willing to check in and offer support and insight after class, and in the days between class. She is a rare personal trainer that cares about your journey. With Michelle, so far, my weight is down 60 pounds, my diet is refined and her impact on my life has created a stunning turn around. She sees each member of her class or in each private session, as a unique individual and responds to that from a place of insight, profound knowledge and heart. And yup, because of that, she gives you stunning results.
Thank you Michelle. You freaking rock.

Leslie, Sidney BC

It all started when I became overweight, my blood pressure was high, I was lethergic, wasn’t sleeping well and I was out of shape gasping for air on short hikes. I decided to change my habits before it was too late.
I had enjoyed some spin classes with Michelle in the past and heard about her company TAKE 2 Personal Training and saw her 14 week Get Fit Live Better Challenge Program. It sounded just like the incentive and push I needed to kick start my desire to change my routine and become healthier.
Michelle’s weekly challenges, advice on how to achieve them and related recipe’s were instrumental in me not just achieving but surpassing not only the 4 goals I had set for myself but many other benefits like feeling energetic again, sleeping well, lower than normal blood pressures, feel good about myself and in the best physical condition I’ve been in years.
In the past 14 weeks, I lost 42 lbs, lowered my Body fat index by 7%, lost 28 inches off my body measurements and over 6 in off my waist and I feel great. My success was in no small part due to Michelle’s program and her encouragement and drive and positive attitude towards us. Our outside work was great and Michelle has all the equipment required to get the job done. We worked hard but it was fun at the same time, like minded people all there for the same reason made the classes very enjoyable.
I would definitely recommend TAKE 2 Personal Training to anyone that needs some motivation to improve their conditioning, health and how they feel about themselves.

Decemeber 13, 2014

Gary Wilton, Fire Chief North Saanich

I have been going to Take 2 Personal Training for a year now and the encouragement, and exercise program that first Michelle and then Amanda designed for me is excellent. Amanda has training in exercise programs for people with Parkinson’s disease, which is proving to be a great asset in helping me cope with this problem. I strongly recommend that you improve your quality of life by enjoying some exercise time with the great instructors at Take 2 Personal Training.