Personal Training

Take 2 Personal Training offers flexible Personal Training options to suit your unique requirements. Whether your preference is in person in our studio or by our online interactive platform, we have the individualized preferences you need!

If you are ready to improve the strength, stamina and shape of your body, increase your energy levels, and be inspired to live your absolute best life, join Michelle Bourgeois, Sue Williams and Amanda Irving, BCRPA Certified Personal Trainers for a personalized fitness package.

Your personalized package includes:

  • In accordance with Health Canada regulations, the studio will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between each client and personal protective equipment will be available for your health and safety;
  • Personalized exercise programming and 100% attention focusing on developing a plan as individual as you are (specializing in modifying exercises and training to provide what YOU need;
  • Correction of musculo-skeletal imbalances;
  • A safe, balanced program under the watchful eye of a certified professional;
  • A variety of workouts and exercises to keep you progressing towards your goals and to keep you inspired and motivated; and,
  • A caring, nurturing, and supportive personal trainer ready to greet you in a warm, private, pristine studio.

For information on Personal Training rates and registration, click here.