Small Group Classes

Experience the benefits of having a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost of private sessions and enjoy participating in motivating and fun workouts with likeminded individuals.

Small group classes include:

  • Fresh and different workouts to keep you inspired and excited to train. No more boring and repetitive routines!;
  • Exercise modifications: Work at the level that is right for YOU;
  • A progressive program with a gradual and safe increase in dynamic development; and,
  • The extra perks of being a Take 2 member: Come celebrate with us at regular social events such as:
    – Participating in local 5 k races (Synergy Bazan Bay 5 k)
    – Cooking lessons at the London Chef
    – Annual Take 2 Golf Tournament
    – Lunches, Coffee dates, BBQs
    – Annual Take 2 Christmas Party
    – Body composition (DEXA scan) outings to Bodycomp Imaging in Vancouver

To find more about latest and upcoming Small Group Training programs, click the program names below: