Small Group Classes

Experience the benefits of having a Personal Trainer at a fraction of the cost of private sessions and enjoy participating in motivating and fun workouts with likeminded individuals. We offer invigorating online interactive classes that will energize your body, mind, and soul.

Small group classes include:

  • Fresh and different workouts to keep you inspired and excited to train. No more boring and repetitive routines!;
  • Exercise modifications: Work at the level that is right for YOU;
  • A progressive program with a gradual and safe increase in dynamic development; and,
  • The extra perks of being a Take 2 member: Come celebrate with us at regular social events such as:
    – Participating in local 5 k races (Synergy Bazan Bay 5 k)
    – Cooking lessons at the London Chef
    – Annual Take 2 Golf Tournament
    – Lunches, Coffee dates, BBQs
    – Annual Take 2 Christmas Party
    – Body composition (DEXA scan) outings to Bodycomp Imaging in Vancouver

To find more about latest and upcoming Small Group Training programs, click the program names below: